Evaluation System

The Weld Re-1 School District is dedicated to the continuous growth of all educators. In compliance with The Great Teachers and Leaders Act, known as S.B. 191, the Weld Re-1 School District has adopted the State Model Evaluation System for Principals, Teachers and Specialized Service Providers.

The goal of the Weld Re-1 evaluation system is to support the continuous improvement of educators’ practice by providing accurate, growth-producing feedback and opportunities for reflective conversations about instruction. In addition, the body of evidence used to measure educator performance includes authentic assessments that are used to inform and improve instruction and provide a clear picture of student progress.
Key components of the evaluation process are highlighted below. These include four specific times during the evaluation cycle that evaluators and those being evaluated meet to discuss educator and student expectations and performance.

Half of the educators’ evaluation rating is based on their performance on a set of standards established by the state of Colorado. The other half is based on student performance.

The 50% professional practices are outlined in standards created by the State of Colorado.
The 50% Student Academic Growth is determined by districts, but must meet the following criteria:
     - Includes a measure of individually-attributed growth
    - Includes a measure of collectively-attributed growth
    - When available, statewide summative assessment results; and
    - For subjects with statewide summative assessment results available in two consecutive grades, results from the Colorado Growth Model.

See Measures of Student Learning templates for Principals, Teachers and Counselors.

Principal Evaluation
Principal’s at Weld Re-1 are evaluated on the demonstration of seven leadership standards:
   School culture and equity
   Human resource
   Conflict management and resolution
   External development
   Measures of student learning

The Principal rubric provides more detail on the expectations.

Measures of Student Learning for Principals are comprised of the following: 

Teacher Evaluation
Teachers at Weld Re-1 are evaluated on six standards:
   Content Knowledge
   Learning Environment
   Instructional Strategies
   Measures of student learning

The Teacher rubric provides more detail on the expectations.

Measures of Student Learning for teachers vary depending on their role and responsibilities.
School Counselors
School Counselors at Weld Re-1 are evaluated on six standards:
   Knowledge and expertise as counselors
   Fostering a safe and accessible learning environment
   Instruction and services provided
   Leadership and advocacy
   Student outcomes

The School Counselor rubric provides more detail on the expectations.

Measures of Student Outcomes for counselors include:
Gilcrest Elementary School
North Valley Middle School
Pete Mirich Elementary School
Platteville Elementary School
South Valley Middle School
Valley High School
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